My tongue is in my hand…


I use the term “Mantra” loosely here.  These are things I repeat to myself (or occasionally to others) when I need to calm down, many of which I’ve already posted.  I just wanted a place for them to be all together.

Watch me take care of you, just watch me

Just the blessings, just the blessings

Don’t listen to anything else but this: I’m carrying you, I’m carrying you.

You are encompassed by God.

I am with you, all day, daughter.

I’m right here, I’m right here

You are validated, right here and now.

You don’t need to grasp at anything.

There is nothing wrong with you.

There is nothing you need that you don’t already have within you.

You are just as taken care of as you always were. 4, 14, 24…it’s all the same.

This is an experience; let it be, don’t push it away to get to the next place.

*breathe* *breathe* *breathe*

Hold fast, you are about to come full circle.

What importance is you light without your darkness? What value is your faith without your fear?

Honey, I told you: I got this. It’s under control. Stop worrying. LET IT GO. It will really make this all so much easier.

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