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Life List

Life list:

  1. Visit Ireland
  2. Visit Kenya
  3. Visit Switzerland
  4. Visit Peru
  5. Travel cross country on a train
  6. Go back to Yellowstone
  7. Go to Oregon
  8. Visit New Orleans
  9. Ride on a hot air balloon
  10. Hike part of the Appalachian trail
  11. Visit Italy
  12. Visit Greece
  13. Take pottery lessons
  14. Take dance lessons
  15. Take art lessons
  16. Visit New York City again
  17. Visit Bosnia
  18. Publish a book
  19. Go parasailing
  20. Go snorkeling again
  21. Learn more about astronomy
  22. See the northern lights
  23. Remodel a home
  24. Own 5 acres or more of land
  25. Visit Savannah
  26. Stay in a bed and breakfast
  27. Go snowboarding
  28. Go skiing again
  29. Drive a tractor
  30. Be a camp counselor
  31. Ride a horse again
  32. Get to and maintain a happy weight (5 years +)
  33. Complete family history project
  34. Own a piano (and play it)
  35. Own livestock
  36. Visit Puerto Rico
  37. Go to Australia and see the 12 apostles
  38. Learn to shoot a handgun
  39. Learn to shoot a shotgun
  40. Visit Costa Rica
  41. Study Italian
  42. Study Latin
  43. Visit Nashville
  44. Go sailing

3 Responses to "Life List"

44. Record your voice and post it to the internets so’s caleb can ‘hear’ the awesome poetry of RBL.

totally going to do it, soon, i hope

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