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The Calender Project, March 2009 – looks like it was a good month!

Also, I thought it would be interesting to link to a few things I wrote last March, so that’s what’s up with that.

March 1: Hope Church, Chili, cornbread, watching snowfall

March 2: SNOW DAY, Patti’s, snow cream, One Tree Hill

March 3: Visited the farm

March 6: Hawthornes (Nat/chair), Target

March 7: Nat sleepover Nana’s, Lunch w/ Sharon and Ryan, Monterry’s and Ross

March 8: Dulins Grove

work tidbit, not on calender

March 11: planted trees, Lunch w/Edina at Hot Wok

March 13: Jason and Nat sick, Dominoes at home

March 14: Chic Fil A with Meg and Kim! Concord library and art show

March 15: Lunch at Mom and Dad’s, Scanned pictures

took a walk and wrote about it, but didn’t write it on the calender

March 19: Book Club @ Renee’s!

March 20: Pizza Hut and CVS, Arbor Mist and King of the Hill

March 21: Concert in Concord w/ Nat and mom, Wendy’s

March 22: Hope Church, Mom’s stuffed crust pizza

March 24: 1 hour convo w/ Catie

March 27: Dominoes @ home, Arbor Mist, incense, painted nails dark purple

March 28: Winnie the Pooh play at library, pet store, bakery w/Nat and Sarah, Wild Wings Cafe w/ Chris and Alicia, Kelly, Chris, Danielle

March 29: Cheesecake factory w/ Carol (tiramisu), Mom’s

March 31: Nat 3 year check up, All good!

After looking over this months and February’s, food is obviously an event it my life ;P Particularly pizza. And I was all about going to Concord last March, wasn’t I? It’s funny, when I’m recapping, I always wonder what I’ll be thinking next year of this year…by the way, the (Nat/chair) thing was Natalie falling out her chair/booster seat and everyone in the restaurant noticed before us! We’re good parents.

Link to Feb of the Calender project (which has a link to Jan)

Alright, so here’s the February page of last years calender:

February 1: Superbowl @ Patti’s Made Margarita Pie and Iced Brownies. Went to Hope Church

February 4: SNOW DAY! and Caribou

February 5: Crazy busy at work. First time to TimberRidge

February 6: Hawthornes w/ Natalie (Manicotti and Tiramisu) 🙂

February 8: Went to Dulins Grove. Movie with Rach and Steak N Shake

February 11: Dinner at Mom and Dad’s. Wine, Rain, and breakfast

February 13: Anzi’s. Saw Sonny, Angela, Lily. Last salaried day 😦

February 14: V-Day cake, presents for Nat. Visit Mom and Dad. Library and downtown Concord with Natalie

February 15: Grocery Store. Pizza and ice cream w/ Carol.

February 16: Did Jason’s Myspace. Watched My Name is Earl with Jason.

February 19: Book Club @ Sharon’s. The Godmother and pizza dip

February 20: Chinese and ice cream night

February 21: Dad’s store, Target $/Clearance, Maw Maw’s and Hawthornes

February 22: Watched The Wedding Date while Nat napped and Jason played Xbox. Started Self Challenge

February23: Made Jason a white cake with green sugar

February 25: Got laptop to work @ Crossroads!

February 27: Anzi Pizza and CVS candy

Februray 28: Concord library (Hannah Montana!). Part of Appaloosa

There was a lot of eating happening last February it seems…and…the whole Self Challenge ended pretty much when it began…

For a link to January’s and a little more about this little “project” of mine, go here

So, last year, I made a list of things to do that year. It was a really long list, and I knew I wouldn’t do all of the things I listed. But I felt like the act of identifying them and writing them down would help me to be more conscious of them throughout the year, kind of speak them into existence, at least in my mind, and help me seize opportunities, or seek them, or enjoy them more when they do happen.  So as this year begins, I decided to look over them and see what I had done, hadn’t done, and what I still wanted to do.

Here are not all, but a few:

Take Natalie to the circus (did this)

Go to Worhol exhibit at the Mint Museum (talked to Dad about it, but never did it)

Take road trip to with Carol to see Julie in Atlanta (did it)

Visit Seagrove (didn’t do it)

Go fishing at Smith Lake (did it)

Go to the batting cages (didn’t do it)

Play softball, or join a choir, or take a summer class ( was part of a community choir for christmas)

Actually turn in grad school paper (didn’t do it)

Go camping (did it)

Visit the lake more than once (did it)

Decrease our debt (ha)

Clean out work crap (partially…)

Get a dog?? (did it!)

Go to every book club meeting (did it)

Earn billing bonus at work (did it)

Go to urban prayer room (found it, but didn’t realize I did)

Take Natalie to Symphony Pops (didn’t do it)

Organize work stuff (did it, but that was short lived)

Go hiking (didn’t do it)

Go canoeing (didn’t do it)

Make and keep dentist appt (didn’t do it last year, but I did it this year, already)

Lean to play a song decently on the psaltry (didn’t do it)

This year, I’ve been wanting to make another list, and the one I came up with looks like this:

More peace

More slow

More faith

More love

More fellowship

More leadership

More growth

More nature

More living

More experience

More intimacy

More connectedness

More leaps

More writing

More music

More meditation

More movement

More preparation

More consciousness

More presence

More acceptance

More seeking

More open

More joy

More light

Last year, I wanted to be specific. I felt like I needed this, this particular kind of specifics…and this year, I think I need this kind of specifics…I may come up with some actual events and places/things I want to make an effort to do…maybe by the month. I feel like I got into the habit of being much more active in my life through the past year, as I had fallen into a place where it now takes a concerted effort to be ALIVE.  I’ve also been experimenting with ways to record this, because I do believe that documentation is important. As great a memory as I have, without documenting with words or pictures or something, I tend to lose track of the precious little pieces that really make things, that make the daily moments beautiful, that make me feel alive…this year, I will keep living. I will keep making the conscious effort to be ALIVE, whatever that may entail in the day to day, that is my commitment.

May the year begin…

Last year for Christmas, my sister gave me a calender from with tons of pictures on it. I knew I obviously wasn’t going to throw this away when the year ended, so I decided that I would write little memories/events throughout the year and keep it as a sort of shorthand journal.

Now that the year is done and I am looking back over this, I’m so glad I did it. I gave up truly journaling to document daily experiences a long time ago, not because I didn’t think it was worth it, but more because I would feel like I had to record EVERYTHING and didn’t always feel like I had the time. Not to mention, I ran out of journals at one point and started using notebooks, which turned out badly because I also used notebooks to make lists, draft poems, do preliminary paperwork for work, doodle, etc. As a result of this, I have tons of random, but I fear kind of important, notebooks that I can’t throw out, but take way too much energy and time to actually organize or utilize at this point in my life.

This is why blogging appeals to me, as well as why facebook statuses, and this calender project appeal to me. It by no means captures the whole picture, or all the nuances of a day, a month, or a life, but I daresay it’s better than nothing. And as the year went on, sometimes I really needed to look at the calender and see that life was still happening, life is still good, even when bad things happen. There’s a possibility that recording life, particularly good things or meaningful things improved my ability to live in the moment this year. I also made a “Year List” of things I wanted to do or accomplish during the year, which I think was useful as well. But that’s another “Project”.

So, with no more chit chat about it, here is January 2009, as recorded by me, on my calender.

Jan 1 2009: Hung out at home- Rach came over

Jan 3 2009: Natalie’s Pink Cake Party!

Jan 4 2009: Caribou! Patti’s home!

Jan 5 2009: Carol’s B-day. Read “The Boleyn Inheritance”

Jan 6 2009: They said Natalie’s ready for UNCC! 🙂

Jan 7 2009: TV Broke 😦

Jan 8 2009: Fell asleep reading creative loafing


Jan 10 2009: Monkey Joes w/Carol & Panthers play off party at Patti’s

Jan 11 2009: Playdough, groceries, riding tricyle

Jan 13 2009: TV’s Back!

Jan 15 2009: Osaka w/Meg, Kim, Nat, Melissa

Jan 16 2009: Mom and Dad’s- Chinese and Chocolate Cake

Jan 17 2009: Chris & Alicia-Dominoes-88 minutes

Jan 18 2009: Church, Baby shower, Maw Maw’s

Jan 20 2009: SNOW DAY & Obama’s Inaguaration

Jan 21 2009: Glow in the Dark Pajamas

Jan 22 2009: Book Club at Haley’s

Jan 24 2009: BK (Rach) Marble Slab & Harley puppy

Jan 26 2009: Totally Lost – Thanks Mapquest!

Jan 28 2009: Got “The Godmother” in the mail (book club)

Jan 30 2009: Taxes Done 🙂

Jan 31 2009: Circus Day! w/Lily and Sonny

This is what I wrote down, word for word, during a sermon. That’s why it may or may not make sense. I just wanted it recorded, mainly for myself, (but also for anyone who likes to read my streams of consciousness…:) there’s some things I want to revisit.

Magnification, magnificence.

Clear eyes:

all the colors



of light.

Vessel. Love Life, Be Brave. Time- precious, peace, patience, courage, Free. Hymn, Piano, Puritan. Native, Pilgrim. Gypsy: Spiritualist. Bare Bones Belief. Tragedy vs. Comedy. Belly of the Whale. Joy is a choice. Unexpected deliverance, Truth. No fear, you have plenty of time here. Called apart. Everlasting arms. Catacombs. Three Days. Heart of the Earth, there is coming a day. Hope vs. Desperation. Crosses to wings. overwhelmed? pray. No guilt. Everything has meaning. Quotable lyrics. Music. What have I to fear or dread? My life is in you. Cemetery, history. You can’t screw this up. Everything is as it should be. Get there. You will get there, God will get you there, one way or another. It’s not enough if just I’m okay. Vessel.

Love, Joy, Peace; Wisdom, Clarity, Courage, Belief

I’ve been having a bad day internally, so I’m doing this:

Blessings List:

1. Bright pink toenail polish
2. Skin So Soft Bath Oil Spray
3. Caribou’s Macchiato with Caramel
4. Caleb
5. Sam
6. Kristin M
7. Renee
8. Alicia
9. Rachel
10. Haley
11. Miranda
12. Sharon
13. Curt
14. Carol
15. Julie W
16. Julie R
17. Julie B
18. Rowdy
19. Oreo
20. Patti
21. Citifinancial
22. WIKJ
23. Vision
24. Fingers
25. Keyboard
26. Laptop
27. Internet
28. Safe neighborhood/home
29. The ability to walk the neighborhood
30. My car running
31. My car’s warranty
32. My job
33. My phone that works
34. Jewelry
35. Colored eyeliner
36. Chocolate
37. Coffee
38. Pasta
39. Natalie
40. Hip Hop music
41. Indie/local music
42. Reggaeton
43. The lake
44. The lake house
45. Hearing
46. Taste buds
47. My face
48. All my appendages
49. My internal organs
50. Growing up without cable
51. The farm
52. The sky
53. The sun
54. The heat
55. Clouds
56. Stars
57. Caribou
58. La Vida Mocha
59. Alice Jules
60. Victoria’s Secret
61. Wine
62. Steven
63. Stephen
64. Megan
65. Kimmy
66. Kristin D
67. My brain
68. God
69. Prayer
70. Wind
71. Blow pops
72. Amanda
73. Brian
74. Toe rings
75. Sunglasses
76. Goodwill
77. Clearance sales
78. Country music
79. Cameras
80. Hair ties
81. Water
82. Running water
83. Clean water
84. Clean, running water
85. Air conditioning
86. Family (in all senses, including church)
87. Friends
88. Literacy
89. My college education
90. Health insurance
91. People who smile back when you smile at them
92. Fresh peaches
93. Fried squash
94. Jason and Natalie’s relationship
95. Strawberries
96. Chocolate ice cream
97. Whipped cream
98. Peanut butter
99. Trees
101.Online music
102.Cheese Omelets
103. Online recipies
104.Ear buds
106.My hair
108. Push up bras
110. Mascara
111. Lipgloss
112. Swimming/Swimming pools
113. Libraries
114. Laughter
115.My teeth

Definitely feel better

Life list:

  1. Visit Ireland
  2. Visit Kenya
  3. Visit Switzerland
  4. Visit Peru
  5. Travel cross country on a train
  6. Go back to Yellowstone
  7. Go to Oregon
  8. Visit New Orleans
  9. Ride on a hot air balloon
  10. Hike part of the Appalachian trail
  11. Visit Italy
  12. Visit Greece
  13. Take pottery lessons
  14. Take dance lessons
  15. Take art lessons
  16. Visit New York City again
  17. Visit Bosnia
  18. Publish a book
  19. Go parasailing
  20. Go snorkeling again
  21. Learn more about astronomy
  22. See the northern lights
  23. Remodel a home
  24. Own 5 acres or more of land
  25. Visit Savannah
  26. Stay in a bed and breakfast
  27. Go snowboarding
  28. Go skiing again
  29. Drive a tractor
  30. Be a camp counselor
  31. Ride a horse again
  32. Get to and maintain a happy weight (5 years +)
  33. Complete family history project
  34. Own a piano (and play it)
  35. Own livestock
  36. Visit Puerto Rico
  37. Go to Australia and see the 12 apostles
  38. Learn to shoot a handgun
  39. Learn to shoot a shotgun
  40. Visit Costa Rica
  41. Study Italian
  42. Study Latin
  43. Visit Nashville