My tongue is in my hand…

Where’s my Armor?

Posted on: October 22, 2010

I need my armor this morning, this night

I feel the enemy creeping beneath my skin.

Doubtful, hateful. Words that worry me. Thoughts that send my skin pricking with heated fear. Where is my armor?

Here’s the truth: God is bigger than you, my enemy. God is bigger than all the arrows you throw at me. I am shielded in faith.

You seek to destroy me, to wear me down, to make me weary so you can devour me. I will rest in hope and love and peace and faith. My armor is here, you are nothing.

I believe in miracles. Everyday. All the little miracles. You won’t take that from me. You won’t take my faith with fear. I won’t fear. I will look towards heaven and know, there is nothing greater than what I have in Christ. You are a liar. You hate me and seek to destroy me, seek to rob me of all the quiet filling pleasures of faith. I’m done letting you put chinks in my battle gear, kicking me while I’m down. You don’t get anything from me today. And all I have to do is take it one day at a time. My faith, my God is amazing. That’s all I need.



1 Response to "Where’s my Armor?"

You’re right: our God is amazing! He loves us even when we cannot love ourselves and struggle to do right by Him. I am more than willing to share my Shield of Faith and slay some demons with my Sword of the Spirit because I know you would do the same for me! I love you and will send some prayers up on your behalf. And as a helpful reminder, think throughout the day of Mike’s armor, Mark’s “missing” sword and the Transformers!!! 🙂

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