My tongue is in my hand…


Posted on: October 16, 2010

Tonight, I bought two books, The Southern Woman by Elizabeth Spencer and At The Scent of Water by Linda Nichols. I also bought some sweet muscadine wine called Hatteras Red by Duplin wines. I saw that there is a Duplin winery in Rose Hill, NC (about 3 hours from where I am) and it looks like they have a fantastic bistro. I want to make a weekend trip out there.

I haven’t kept up with my calender. I’m going to try to catch it up.

Shitty week at work, as usual. Thinking of just taking a career break and doing something not really “career” related while I figure it out.

Wrote my first column today for pink and blue pages.

Joined Twitter.

What else, what else…made a no bake reeses dessert. With orange and yellow sprinkles. Bought Natalie Halloween socks. And a couple of outfits

Completed notes and billing before work was done.

Took all files out of my car and stuck them in a drawer at work. I think that I left some bills and personal papers in my work folders. Oops. I’ll get them Monday. Or sometime.

Trying to yard sale in the morning.With coffee

And then…house stuff, cleaning and such. Playing with Nat. And…maybe ice cream…lalala I don’t know. And…other stuff… I may be tipsy. And it’s 3:30am. Totally need to sleep 🙂


1 Response to "Lalala…"

I love the randomness of this blog! 🙂 And (like we discussed last night) we need to plan this winery trip ASAP!

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