My tongue is in my hand…

Posted on: May 19, 2010

I feel like someone, somewhere far off- in the future, or the past, or someplace around me, but not right beside me is whispering all the answers to me, but I can’t hear all the words, I can’t hold on to them over the roar of the life I’m in the midst of. If I can find a way to quiet, maybe I’ll get the story…but even then, when it’s loud again, how will I manage then? When everything is pulling at me…

Guide me. I know I’m not believing enough. I don’t want fear. I don’t know exactly how to get out of here. I am listening to the wrong things far too much, of that, I’m sure.


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What you’re looking for is called LSD.

Lol. I wish things weren’t so confused for you right now. 😦 You sound like you could use some inspiration. Try watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. That one always makes me feel great. 🙂

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