My tongue is in my hand…

Posted on: May 2, 2010

I’m having a hard time finding my voice lately. I get all these thoughts started, and then…nothing…I might need some poetry…

I want this to be a good Sunday, set myself up for a good Monday…still pushing back the anxiety…mostly with prayer…it’s generally working…it’s work though, still…

I think we’ll make Rice Krispy Treats today. And maybe Jello. I did a short workout this morning. We’ll be going to the beach in 3 weeks…I can’t decide if I’m happy or sad that I’m not nearly as concerned as I used to be about something like this. Years ago…it was different.

I love my dog, but he drives me crazy, jumping at the door all the time.

I’m going to make coffee. And we’re going to go outside. I miss being outside. There’s nothing to do outside, but be outside, you know? It’s nice. I spent a lot of time growing up just being outside.

I do need to do laundry today. Several loads. And maybe actually put them up…maybe….

Yesterday was a good day (basically). Got up (too early), but got things cleaned before we left to take the dog to get groomed. Jason pitched a fit because I left the dog outside (with part of his leash on the inside part of the door). If the tables were turned, I would have just laughed. This is the difference in us. Anyways, went to the mall while Bodie was trimmed. Let Natalie jump on those big bungee/trampoline things and play on the indoor playground. Ate at the food court (basically spending wayyyy too much on chicken nuggets and fries we didn’t even eat all of). Jason got some things, we let Natalie pick out things for her cousin’s birthday present. Got the dog. Went home. Got Natalie to take a nap, went to Aldi for the first time (liked it), and Walmart for groceries and such. Unloaded groceries and made dinner. Got Natalie in the bath, tickled and snuggled her, got her in the bed (a million times), went to bed, worn out. I don’t know why I felt the need to type all that out, but I did.

Taking Natalie to her cousin’s b-day party today, Jason’s supposed to be going to the golf tournament (his friend got tickets).

Alright, getting dressed, going outside, taking a notebook and pen (and the dog and the kid).


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