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The Calender Project: April 2009

Posted on: May 1, 2010

Well the picture quality is crappier than usual, because my camera is broken, so I’m using my cell phone’s camera.

Anyways, April 2009’s days were recorded as such:

1. Burnt the porkchops. Ate Showmars (soooo good!)

2.  NO MORE CMS (job search begins)

3. Beautiful sky. Ed- Funeral home, Jason-Natalie Go Karts

4. Egg Hunt @ DG, Ed’s funeral, Jason-paint Laura’s, Lowe’s w/ Nat to buy flowers, Anzi pizza

5. Hope Church, Nat @ Maggie’s, planted flowers

6. Found out about Erica/baby, Nat@ Stephs – baby chicks, Patti, Kenny, Amanda come over

7. Did 5 poems for Poem a Day challenge, covered flowers, TONS of spaghetti

9. Gave to Cystic Fibrosis, Dyed Easter Eggs

10. Moonsand, No work, Talked to Julie W.

11. Egg Hunt w/Hope church, B-day party for Ryan

12. Service @ Dulin’s Grove, Ate at mom’s (broke egg), went to Patti’s

13. Tailgators w/Jason and Amanda

14. Jason-Tennessee, Made pasta for the week!

15. Watched P.S. I love you, Nat eye dr. (patch)

16. Book club @ Curt’s Three Cups of Tea

17. Got Angel Food

18. Lunch @ South 21 w/ Megan and Kim, Alicia’s party (Kelly, Alisha, Kirby) Grape vodka

19. Duck Race@ Whitewater Center (team Baby Buddah)

21. Burn After Reading and meteor shower

22. Steak, sweet potato, and salad, walk the neighborhood

23. Natalie played in sprinkler w/Jason

24. Walked neighborhood w/Nat (baby stroller and bike)

25. Northlake w/ Amanda and nat (loved it), Jason deep sea fishing, spaghetti dinner @ Miranda’s. 🙂

26. Sarah’s B-day party/Lazy 5

28. Smith Lake

I’m still really thankful I did this last year, and trying to keep it up this year. I know last year was hard, I mean this is the month that Jason lost is job (for the 2nd time), but look at all the good stuff here!

Just so so grateful for the blessings and the fact that I recorded these pieces of the month this way.

Link to The Calender Project for March 2009, which has one for February and so on: March 2009


2 Responses to "The Calender Project: April 2009"

This is so adorable. Makes me want to get an actual calendar. But for me those silly things don’t have enough space…

[…] that. And it really helps you keep perspective. The day of a job lay-off sits beside the day you record that there was a beautiful sky. The day that you go to the funeral home for a relative, lays beside the day you go to an Easter egg […]

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