My tongue is in my hand…

I think this is a devotional

Posted on: April 15, 2010

Why won’t you let me be magnificent? Why do you keep putting something worldly first? Why do you let other’s standards freak you out, hold you down? Why do you wake up dreading the day? Why aren’t you trusting me to take care of you? After all this time, you still worry…Why are you so trapped in this fear, this anxiety, this feeling that it’s up to you to hold it together? It’s not up to you. Why aren’t you following up when your muse visits you? Why are you so tired? Let it go. It’s okay if we’re here again, but ask yourself why… Why do you keep thinking the world rests on your shoulders? You’re free! Be Free! And start writing everything down. Even when it seems stupid. You have to write it out. And post it. Just do it. You will feel better. I’m sorry you’re so tired, so drawn, so worried. Let me be the standard. Let me take care of you, of everything. Stop worrying and beating yourself up. Nothing really matters anyways, besides you and I. Everywhere, there are you’s and I’s and those are the only things that matter. I promise.


2 Responses to "I think this is a devotional"

This is a poem. This is a tattoo…
… I really like this, it’s very well expressed, and important. So important.

I think a lot of the things you write have a kind of universal application. They apply to everyone, even if you only wrote them for yourself or one other person. This stuff is wide-reaching and relevant.


Thanks for posting this. I think I needed to hear it.

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