My tongue is in my hand…

Dreaming about Happy Mondays…

Posted on: April 5, 2010

So, Easter! I love Easter. It’s my favorite holiday. Next year, I have to remember to take Good Friday and Easter Monday off though.

It’s been a good day, but I am definitely tired. Very very tired. I think I’ve been in a sleep deficit since last weekend’s ER run. I can tell I’m beyond regular tiredness by the way I laughed at something my mom said earlier tonight. She told Natalie she didn’t want her to let the dog out because she didn’t want him to get mixed up with the cars. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe or stand up straight. Way too tired. Right now, I know there are things I want to do to make my Monday easier (because they always suck to the maximum) but I am pretty close to passing out.

I just wanted to run some words through this blog….and now, I’m going to brush my teeth(because I ate an insane amount of candy today) and go to sleep and dream dreams about an easy, wonderful, beautiful, calm Monday 😛


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