My tongue is in my hand…

Posted on: April 3, 2010

I just realized that what I’ve eaten today is:

2 French Toast sticks and 1/2 a cup of applesauce with OJ

Cliff bar and Coffee

Caramel candy and some Mt Dew Code red

Wine and starburst jelly beans

Mozzarella string cheese

I’m hungry. I want to sleep, but can’t. That’s rare for me. That’s why I’m blogging again. I can’t help but think how dull these daily blog entries must be, when I’m feeling the same way every day.

I did have a friend reach out randomly today and that made me feel hopeful. It was one of those friends that you connect with but never really spend time with .

My hair feels nice today. I like that.

Law and Order’s not on tonight. I’m watching E!News. It is not working for me. I do know how to be “Jerseylicious” now. Never know when that will come in handy, you know Um, also- jean leggings? That is not okay. Evvveerrr. Why do people just do whatever they are told is “in”? So strange. I mean, I understand seeing a style you like and embracing it, trying new styles, etc…but wearing something purely for the trendiness…and then letting it go when it’s not longer trendy…what a waste.

I’m hungry…what am I going to eat?

I wish I could just teleport people to my room when I wanted to hang out with them.

Chelsea Lately is on now. I think this will be better than E! News. I’m going for more wine…and…goldfish crackers and reese’s cups.

I hate weekends sometimes. I just can’t elaborate…

I tried to find a dress to wear on easter, but no luck. At least I have something for Nat, that’s what really matters…

I’m going to make a blackberry cobbler. That’ll be nice.

I wish I could teleport myself somewhere else…while Natalie is safe and sound sleeping or something. Like safe in a bubble for a little bit…I don’t know…

I’ve been thinking more about my cabin in the woods. the one with the loft and wrap around porch and balcony and creek nearby with blackberry bushes and a gravel road…I decided it’s going to have an outdoor shower. And a fan on the porch. So there.

I wonder what my IQ is. We keep having to kind out for these kids at work and it makes me curious. I don’t like my job, by the way.

mmmmm….I’m nicely buzzed now…hopefully to sleep soon…


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You sounded like a massive stoner through this entire post. LOL. Go get yourself some frosted poptarts. You’ll love em. And milk. Gotta have that.

hahaha. I used to live off of smores poptarts. mmmm…

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