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Posted on: March 31, 2010

A friend of mine posted this article today and it was just what I was looking for. See, after reading this article, posted by another friend, I’d been searching for that one more thing that would get me typing. If you’re too lazy to click the links and read, both articles deal with God, Christianity, Love, Atheism, and Theology. I spend a good amount of time thinking about these things anyways, so reading these pieces got me ready to write. I’m just streaming here, this is not my absolute and conclusive personal theology- this is just the beginning; thoughts, questions I’m asking myself, answers I may change, concepts to flesh out, a work in progress…

I’ve decided that I believe in love. I was raised Christian and I know this affects how I relate to love. And I’m okay with that.

I believe that God is love, that these concepts are synonymous. Do I believe in Jesus? Yes. Do I believe he was born of the Virgin Mary? Yes. Do I believe he was God? Yes. Do I believe he lived a sinless life and died on a cross and was raised to life in 3 days? Yes. Do I believe this was an example of how love acts, of what love is, what love can do? Yes. Do I believe everyone has to believe these things? Not the way I do. Do I believe in hell? Not the popular version. Do I look forward to heaven? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Do I believe in reincarnation? Possibly. Do I believe in God? Yes. Do I believe in love? Yes. do I believe in heaven? I believe there is a state where we can live in love, with love, forever. I don’t know what that looks like, what that feels like, how that works…but I believe we can get there.

I believe in love, in light, in energy. I believe in darkness, death, fear. I believe we have the opportunity to engage in light, in love, in positive energy in our lives. I believe the only thing we have to do to be saved by love is to accept it. To accept love for ourselves, unconditionally. This enables us to love others in the same way. It lightens us, enlightens us, and brings us closer to peace and joy. It separates us from those that live in darkness or fear. It keeps our spirits, our energies alive when our bodies die. The lens I view the world out of will always be affected by Christianity. The lens anyone views their world out of will always be affected by their personal history, environment, and exposure. Is my God their God? If their God is love, then yes. I believe in love as the almighty. Love for self, for others. Love for love.

I believe love is all powerful, is guiding, is wise, is a savior. Love is bigger than all else.

So, in regards to our origins, what do I believe? Creationism? Big Bang? Some combination? I believe it doesn’t really matter. Though for the record, I do believe that a Creator could design evolution. But I feel it doesn’t matter because I am loved, I have love. It is the ultimate experience, the great high, the transcendence beyond the physical world…maybe there are a million other “worlds” of a million other species doing all sorts of things…does that lessen my love? I don’t believe it does. Do I wonder about the whole  Creator knowing everything but basically setting us up to fail with the Adam, Eve, and serpent thing? Yea. Do I think the Bible tells the whole story? No. Do I believe people have free will in regards to choosing or not choosing love? I don’t know. What about someone abused from the beginning of their life, someone with severe mental illness…

Do I believe in spiritual realms? Yes. Do I believe in forgiveness? Yes. Do I believe Jesus had to die on the cross for me to be forgiven? I believe this was the sort of thing that made people pay attention.

Why were we created? Why do I care? Maybe the world will go on and on and love will transcend and transcend me to the place where I am no longer part of the world, and I will be joined with others who have done the same. Maybe in that state I will radiate love to those still part of the physical world, maybe I won’t. Maybe I will live in my cabin, with my loves, and my outdoor shower and I will retain the knowledge of life, but not the pain. So I will appreciate love, the peace and joy of it…Maybe all of it, maybe none of it…

I believe in love. How much worse will my life be for that? If I live a life in love, believing in love, hoping in love and it turns out there is nothing else but the end of my existence…is that in any way a waste of my time?

I’ll flesh this out more later, I’m sure. This is just me getting started…brainstorming, getting the juices flowing…


2 Responses to "Brainstorming…"

I just typed a comment, a nice, thorough comment, and my computer crashed. First blue screen of death I’ve seen in a long time. Pfft. It was something about how both articles seemed pretty clever and thought provoking and that I had to admit there was a seemingly paradoxical nature to the theologically assumed end result of it all blah blah blah. 😦
Just a buncha nonsense is what it was I guess.

… for the present, you know, where I am and where things are I can find a much more fulfilling and, I guess, warm feeling in believing fully in an amazing god-love and feeling it than without that. I’m not really one to think much about the future. I’m a right here right now kinda guy. And right here right now. God’s worth it.

I’m looking forward to the next post about this. You’ve got me thinking about it now…

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