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Quick Rant

Posted on: March 22, 2010

I don’t have a lot of time. Healthcare bill just passed. Just got annoyed reading people’s  stupid (republican) facebook comments. What is so hard to understand about taking care of each other? About strenghtening communities as a whole? WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT THAT? I really don’t understand. And not because I’m stupid. But because other people are. And I have a hard time getting my brain to comprehend such stupidness. 🙂 Sorry, that’s where I am tonight.

It honestly makes me sad that people are so wrapped up in their safe little worlds that they don’t take the time to step out and not just think about others, but do for others. Not by volunteering or donating money, but by actually giving a shit. By getting to know people and all the crazy circumstances of a given life that is NOT YOUR OWN.

Guess what? Shit happens. And it will likely happen to you one day. And you will want someone to empathize. So why don’t you do that now. You know, that golden rule and all.

And stop, for just a minute to imagine yourself in someone else’s life. Really. It could be you. There is nothing huge separating us. Separating the prostitute and the housewife. The homeless man and the working man. People think there’s this big difference, but there’s not. If you ever looked around you, you’d know that.


7 Responses to "Quick Rant"

I was all for the bill initially. Then I heard Obama tell us that is “doesn’t matter your citizenship status” everyone gets healthcare. I don’t like the idea of paying for EVERYONE’S bills. If it was just for American citizens, or even those in the process of getting citizenship, that would be a different story. I won’t pay for illegal immigrants to go to the doctor. They won’t pay for mine, so why should I take on theirs?

I can’t explain how thrilled I was when I heard that this passed. TOOK SO LONG, and it’s not perfect, sure, but it’s a huge step for America and I’d like to pat you all on the back. Gotta disagree with the wanderer as well, having been in a foreign country without health insurance and still having received care… Heck even if I hadn’t, I think that the quality of life of a human being, any human being is worth it. What’s the huge difference between a citizen and a non-citizen? We are human beings, we’re worth just the same.

So, when you work your butt off and the government takes the majority of your check to pay for other people’s health care, will you still be happy with it? I never said they weren’t worth it, I completely agree with you there. I believe, however, that everyone who receives help should help someone else get help too. We all deserve a fair go, and we all should help someone get theirs.

As a person who received a years free rent and transportation in Australia, you are not allowed to dissent anyone who gets anything for free. Lease of all something as crucial as healthcare.

You can’t resent me for taking advantage of something you offered.

i don’t. thats not what its about.

oh, you guys…. 😛

I love y’all.

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