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The Calender Project: March 2009

Posted on: March 13, 2010

The Calender Project, March 2009 – looks like it was a good month!

Also, I thought it would be interesting to link to a few things I wrote last March, so that’s what’s up with that.

March 1: Hope Church, Chili, cornbread, watching snowfall

March 2: SNOW DAY, Patti’s, snow cream, One Tree Hill

March 3: Visited the farm

March 6: Hawthornes (Nat/chair), Target

March 7: Nat sleepover Nana’s, Lunch w/ Sharon and Ryan, Monterry’s and Ross

March 8: Dulins Grove

work tidbit, not on calender

March 11: planted trees, Lunch w/Edina at Hot Wok

March 13: Jason and Nat sick, Dominoes at home

March 14: Chic Fil A with Meg and Kim! Concord library and art show

March 15: Lunch at Mom and Dad’s, Scanned pictures

took a walk and wrote about it, but didn’t write it on the calender

March 19: Book Club @ Renee’s!

March 20: Pizza Hut and CVS, Arbor Mist and King of the Hill

March 21: Concert in Concord w/ Nat and mom, Wendy’s

March 22: Hope Church, Mom’s stuffed crust pizza

March 24: 1 hour convo w/ Catie

March 27: Dominoes @ home, Arbor Mist, incense, painted nails dark purple

March 28: Winnie the Pooh play at library, pet store, bakery w/Nat and Sarah, Wild Wings Cafe w/ Chris and Alicia, Kelly, Chris, Danielle

March 29: Cheesecake factory w/ Carol (tiramisu), Mom’s

March 31: Nat 3 year check up, All good!

After looking over this months and February’s, food is obviously an event it my life ;P Particularly pizza. And I was all about going to Concord last March, wasn’t I? It’s funny, when I’m recapping, I always wonder what I’ll be thinking next year of this year…by the way, the (Nat/chair) thing was Natalie falling out her chair/booster seat and everyone in the restaurant noticed before us! We’re good parents.

Link to Feb of the Calender project (which has a link to Jan)


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