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Staying Alive

Posted on: January 17, 2010

So, last year, I made a list of things to do that year. It was a really long list, and I knew I wouldn’t do all of the things I listed. But I felt like the act of identifying them and writing them down would help me to be more conscious of them throughout the year, kind of speak them into existence, at least in my mind, and help me seize opportunities, or seek them, or enjoy them more when they do happen.  So as this year begins, I decided to look over them and see what I had done, hadn’t done, and what I still wanted to do.

Here are not all, but a few:

Take Natalie to the circus (did this)

Go to Worhol exhibit at the Mint Museum (talked to Dad about it, but never did it)

Take road trip to with Carol to see Julie in Atlanta (did it)

Visit Seagrove (didn’t do it)

Go fishing at Smith Lake (did it)

Go to the batting cages (didn’t do it)

Play softball, or join a choir, or take a summer class ( was part of a community choir for christmas)

Actually turn in grad school paper (didn’t do it)

Go camping (did it)

Visit the lake more than once (did it)

Decrease our debt (ha)

Clean out work crap (partially…)

Get a dog?? (did it!)

Go to every book club meeting (did it)

Earn billing bonus at work (did it)

Go to urban prayer room (found it, but didn’t realize I did)

Take Natalie to Symphony Pops (didn’t do it)

Organize work stuff (did it, but that was short lived)

Go hiking (didn’t do it)

Go canoeing (didn’t do it)

Make and keep dentist appt (didn’t do it last year, but I did it this year, already)

Lean to play a song decently on the psaltry (didn’t do it)

This year, I’ve been wanting to make another list, and the one I came up with looks like this:

More peace

More slow

More faith

More love

More fellowship

More leadership

More growth

More nature

More living

More experience

More intimacy

More connectedness

More leaps

More writing

More music

More meditation

More movement

More preparation

More consciousness

More presence

More acceptance

More seeking

More open

More joy

More light

Last year, I wanted to be specific. I felt like I needed this, this particular kind of specifics…and this year, I think I need this kind of specifics…I may come up with some actual events and places/things I want to make an effort to do…maybe by the month. I feel like I got into the habit of being much more active in my life through the past year, as I had fallen into a place where it now takes a concerted effort to be ALIVE.  I’ve also been experimenting with ways to record this, because I do believe that documentation is important. As great a memory as I have, without documenting with words or pictures or something, I tend to lose track of the precious little pieces that really make things, that make the daily moments beautiful, that make me feel alive…this year, I will keep living. I will keep making the conscious effort to be ALIVE, whatever that may entail in the day to day, that is my commitment.

May the year begin…


3 Responses to "Staying Alive"

Okay so here’s the roundup:

22 resolutions made in total.
Out of that, we’ve got 11 did it’s and a partial. So far, that is awesome. You certainly did better than I did. I was supposed to have residency in the bag by this point.

Resolve to be awesome. It’s well worth doing.

haha, that first list was actually only a partial list, there were probably 20 more (both done and undone)…I definitely know this is in the same vein as resolutions, but in my head it’s also a little different to me then straight up resolutions because with these, there was no room for failure in my mind at anything undone. In the past, my resolutions probably encompassed the idea of these things, but were stated (to myself) in such a way that usually felt stressed or bored by them, just by the way I was presenting them to myself. So far, this approach has worked better for me, hopefully it will continue to do so…

[…] first thing I did was make a year list – a list of things I wanted to do that year (kind of self-explanatory, right?). It was long. […]

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