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So there.

Posted on: September 24, 2009

I saw the moon through a telescope for the first time last night. It was amazing. It was just like I’d seen on tv, or in books, but it was me really looking through the telescope, seeing it. I loved it. I can’t wait to see more stuff. Jason’s grandfather had picked  up a telescope at a flea market, and Jason saw it when he went to visit and told him that I’d been wanting a telescope for a while, and Jason’s grandfather was like- Well, give her that one! Yay! Thanks PawPaw Patton! (Not like he reads this, but, you know)

I took a week off a few weeks ago, with the intention of having time to write, to rest, etc. It turned out to be a crazy, stressful week. One that probably contributed to the 3 day migraine. But, grace has been laid upon me this week in the form of strategically placed cancellations that are allowing me spans of time to write and regroup myself. Thank God. Very literally.

I’ve been denying anxiety the access to me for the past couple of days. I just can’t take it anymore. I know that ignoring things doesn’t help. but neither does anxiety. So. Perhaps I can gather myself enough to be effective. If not, I’ve sure spent my time better. So there.

I have my first choir practice this Sunday with a community choir my former high school chorus teacher has put together. I’m so excited to bring my voice together with others, to be part of that group effort, to feel the music folder’s plastic against my fingertips…can’t wait 🙂

Honestly, now that I’m a little calmer, a lot of good things have happened recently. Went to the lake again. Went to the mountains on a church retreat (Blowing Rock). Had book club where we went to  Nicholas Sparks book signing and Chili’s. Went to the fair with Jason and Natalie. Went Goodwill shopping with mom (always fun). Hung out with Carol, the BFF at a bow party (her cousin make’s bows and crafty stuff) and Aloha snow (so very good). Went to a baby shower for a friend I grew up with, got to see some high school friends.

The summer was great, despite the financial situation. Several trips to the lake (memorial day with Carol, Fourth of July-fireworks on the lake, 1x in August, and Labor Day). Road trip with Carol to visit Julie in ATL (walked around downtown, went to the fox theatre, Julie’s ball game, cheesecake factory), day trip with mom to Asheville, had dinner with girlfriends (Meg and Kris), had book clubs, went camping in Cherokee, took Natalie to 2 VBS’s, attended  another baby shower for childhood friend, went to the Paramore/No Doubt concert, went to Sick Puppies concert, went to my cousin Julie’s bachelorette party, Julie’s wedding and reception, had Chris and Alicia over for faijita’s and monsterita’s, took Natalie to the library, Movies in the Park, the Julian Price Park, Jesse’s b-day party, Rach’s b-day party, got to see a good friend, caught up with some people at the coffee shop, started selling AVON, got a writing project started, cleared out Natalie’s stuff for consignment and goodwill, hit up some consignment sales and stores, and managed to not have our house foreclosed or car repossessed.

There are also major overhauls in the mental health system in NC right now, but our company is well positioned to take the changes in stride. Our CEO personally promised to keep food on our tables, one way or another, and I believe her. Plus, I keep getting difficult cases and hanging on. So, I’m still late and disorganized and such, but I can handle a damn crisis with a certain amount of something that keeps them handing me hard stuff and putting up with my scattered ass. So there.


3 Responses to "So there."

You think maybe it’s just this time of the year?

I think I have a way to help my mood. And I kind of got it from you. I’m going to list all the good/enjoyable things that I have done in the past few months. I think that will help me get a better perspective and see things more clearly.


Thanks Becca.

Yay, those lists really do help me, it feels good too, to look at all the good things 🙂

Do you know that the moon you see in America and the moon we see in Australia looks completely different? It’s upside down.
Seriously. You should come over here and bring that telescope and have a look from the down under side. 🙂

I’ve started imagining this read in your voice with that southern accent. Completely synthesized I know but you’ve just gotta get a voice post up sooner or later. Seriously. Please?

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