My tongue is in my hand…


Posted on: September 20, 2009

I think I forget that I can just write on here, that I don’t have to have an essay. I have these essays drafted, but I just can’t get them finished. Oh well

I have a 3 day migraine. That’s not okay. I went to the dr, because this was different than  any migraine I’ve had before, and I’ve taken two prescription painkillers and two muscle relaxers and it’s still not gone. That is really, really not okay.

I am really excited and a bit apprehensive regarding my newest idea, that I am actually making myself try to follow through with.

It is “The Poetry-Art Collaborative Experiment”, or TPACE.

I keep revising  my site, the wording and such…

They asked at the Dr. if I’ve had any recent stresses. I said nothing new. I guess that wasn’t completely true, but I just wasn’t in the mood to reveal.

I had set aside 2 whole days to write on my week off. I didn’t get them. I got things done that were necessary, but this writing thing pulls at me all the time…

I just watched Sweet Home Alabama 2x in  row. My very favorite line is: “And look at you…You’ve got a baby…in a bar”

There is something inherently good about being southern. I say that because I’m southern. But it’s true. There are an unfortunate number of people living in the south who aren’t really southern. Not that they aren’t native southerners, but that they aren’t living southern. There are an unfortunate number of natives who aren’t living southern. I’ll have to explain that later. The pills may not be helping my headache or muscles, but they sure are clogging up my thoughts.

I’m going to research dogs that don’t shed too much. We’re looking at getting one for Natalie (and ourselves, of course).

By the way…Steel Magnolias is on now! Southern movie  night it is!


1 Response to "Migraine"

You’ve got a baby! … in a bar.


The silly thing finally came… I think someone in customs accidentally threw it in the “everything in this bin should just sit here for no reason at all for about two weeks when we’ll just as inexplicably toss it back into circulation.”

I’m writing back!

This post was fun. I’m sorry you have a migraine. They suck, my little sister gets em. Thank you thank you thank you for the letter! You’re officially AWESOME!

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