My tongue is in my hand…

Posted on: July 29, 2009

I wish the nights were longer. I have so much to say.

I hate never being able to go home…that home is gone. I just want to sit in the barn with that sweet hay smell, that old worn wood. I just want to walk to the creek, in the valley, through the trees…I just want to pick some blackberries and eat them right there, hot from the sun…I just want to feel the porch fan of my grandma’s porch, skip the sqeaky boards…I just want to walk to the store and get penny candy, little caramels…I just want to catch fireflies, make homemade icecream, lay in the hammock, walk up the gravel road, smell the honeysuckle, watch the sunset, watch the four wheelers kick up dust, watch the goats eat kudzu, even haul them water in that black bucket, scoop sweet feed for their trough…I just want to lay in the grass, lay in the dogwood tree…I want a bonfire at the sawmill, I want to go swimming at Julie’s, I want the rec room with all our carvings on the rafters, the curtainless windows of my room…I want a dusty car, an old tree swing, I want to walk through Maw Maw’s house again, touch the green wall. I want to meet Julie midway, I want stray dogs and baling hay and cornfields mixed with sunflowers. I want laying out on the back deck, top untied, no one to see…there’s no substitute for the the freedom we had, but there was a price, to keep it, to lose it, and it all cost too much.


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your honesty cuts like a sword into my own defenses against my defenses.

Your wounded voice is a powerful catalyst to hear my own.

thank you.

Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. Do you have a blog as well, that I could visit?

it’s poetry and musings at

Bex I don’t think you’re ever going to die… I don’t think it would suit you. I think that just one day when you’re old and withered you’re just going to lie down and let the earth and the whole universe absorb you. Just… soak you up into itself and make it richer.

THAT would be fitting. 🙂

Why thank you, I like that idea very much.

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