My tongue is in my hand…

You are loved.

Posted on: May 17, 2009

You are loved. You are so loved. Like mountains shaking, earth quaking, lightening striking, thunder rolling, volcano erupting, tidal wave forming, worlds colliding kind of loved. Like sweep you off the ground with hurricane winds kind of loved. Like opening the flood gates of heaven and pouring every glimmer of light into you kind of loved. Like safe slumber in a lion’s den, walk through fire, parting the seas kind of loved. You are sacrificially loved.

It’s as big as it is personal. And it is so personal. It is “I feel everything you feel” kind of loved. It is “I think of you, want to be with you all the time” loved. It is adoring, unprovoked, unending, unchanging loved. It is fill in every empty spot, heal every scar loved. It is arms open all the time loved. It is “I understand” loved. It is “I will help you when you ask” loved. It is all knowing (and I love you just the same) love. It is “fight the demons with you” loved. It is “you’re already forgiven” loved. It is “you can leave anytime you choose, but I’ll still be waiting” loved. It is an all consuming fire kind of loved. It is “you’ll never beat this high” kind of loved. It is “I’ll never get tired of you, or do anything to harm you” loved. It is “you’ll never be the same” kind of loved.

It is filling in the cracks kind of loved. It is creating a masterpiece kind of loved. It is “you never have to be afraid or worry again” loved. It is every highest height, widest breadth, deepest depth loved. It is bones and souls loved. It is every part loved. It is every hidden place loved. It is patient love as much as it is insistence love.  It is “give you every breath” loved. It is “you can’t lose me” love.

It is “you’re just gonna have to trust me based on my love for you” kind of love. It is “this is what it’s all about, this is all that matters” kind of loved.  It is “believe in me” love. Just believe.


3 Responses to "You are loved."

I’ve heard so many people say, “God loves you, and so do I.”

I think sometimes it might be good to hear someone say, “I like you.”

To say to someone that you ‘like’ them seems somehow to be more realistic, as if that decision took more thought and effort than to say you ‘love’ them, which is what everybody says.

I agree that between people, sometimes it means more to be liked, we feel validated in this, and it feels nice to be liked for certain qualities and characteristics. And truly we love people we don’t always like, and like people we don’t always love.

Oh I love this… I love that I so completely feel everything you write. It’s been storming for the whole week, a constant 90k winds and 5 meters of rainfall per day at ungodly temperatures and that post right there just made me warm. 🙂

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