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Posted on: May 17, 2009

As parents, the church instructs us to model the love of God through our love for and relationship with our children (and our spouses and really, ultimately, for each other all around). The reasoning is simple: in this way, our children can begin to grasp what it is to be loved by God. What it is to accept and participate in a relationship of unconditional love. Of passionate, intense, honest, sincere, adoring love.

So many things around us speak otherwise. We are taught (even by the church) that we need to be “good enough”. We need to act and dress and speak a certain way. For whatever we want to be worthy of. That’s not true when it comes to God. There’s notihng to do about it. To earn it or lose it. You can’t. That’s the whole point of UNCONDTIONAL. No conditions apply. It is, it always has been, always will be. It’s there for the taking. Always. And there’s enough for everyone.

It’s just so hard to really take in though. Because even knowing about it, it’s hard to live with it. It’s just so truly unbelievable. And we have so many versions of love that we experience and participate in that shape our understanding of it all. If we lived with this God-love pumping through us everyday we would have no fears, no worries, no doubts, no loneliness, no lingering aches. We would truly be free. We would be unstoppable. It would be a 24/7 high.

But because love is so many things to us, through so many people, our experiences are all mixed up, the good and the bad. So we can’t fully relate to the God-love. It doesn’t always translate with our versions. But it starts at home (doesn’t it all?). So though we can’t shelter our children from society, from the various loves that they will encounter and participate in, we can do our very best to display our very best version of love for them, giving them the best chance we can of grasping, even if only for moments, the hugeness of God-love and all the power and peace and freedom that comes with it. And in doing so, maybe we will understand it more for ourselves.


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Wow… I’m getting a little jimmy hendrix, bob marley in here am I right?

I loved this post too… Bex there’s not a single thing you’ve written that I’ve read that I haven’t absolutely loved so I guess that’s a bit of a given.

God’s love has been a major revelation for me recently too… and someone else whom I’m very close to that also occasionally watches your blog. That revelation occured for different reasons but every new revelation about God’s love is always an immense, and incredible high.

It’s difficult, to keep aware of it sometimes for the same reason that it’s difficult to know how small we are in comparison to the size of the universe all together just because of my mind, being unable to properly understand infinity, eternity.

I get into conversation with so many people about… i don’t know, not being perfect, or being really really unperfect or doubting themselves or just insecurities in general and about what god thinks about what just did and did he maybe INTEND for that or was it MEANT to happen or did we all just really screw it up or what? And i’m like:

What makes you think God even cares about those things? God made you, god loves you. Hurting his feelings is beyond your reach, making him NOT LOVE YOU is beyond your ability.

Every move you make, every little subtle thing you do… he adores. Like watching your daughter across the room just sitting on the floor or walking or… the way she turns her head when she hears a sound. The way she looks when she cries or the way she looks when she laughs and your heart just pounds at how incredible she is even when doing absolutely nothing… it’s absolute love.

Every move we ever make is adored in infinite measure by our God. And no matter WHAT WE DO. We cannot escape that.

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