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Following up on shopping and such…

Posted on: April 15, 2009

I thought I’d post what I bought for Natalie as well during my bargain shopping sprees.

I’ve spent 50$ on her at Ross, Goodwill, and Family Dollar.

clothes-001These are all Goodwill purchases. 20$ total. (5 shirts, 3 tanks, 2 shorts, 1 dress)

clothes-005The clothes are Ross (24$/3 outfits, 1 dress), the shoes are Family Dollar (8$/2 pair shoes).

(I know, it’s blurry)

clothes-004These are some things she’s been given as hand me downs from her cousin, or have been bought for her by her aunt and grandmothers. She’s recieved plenty more, I just pulled a few of my faves.

With a kid, it’s harder to be a bargain shopper sometimes, because sometimes they just need certain things. And, you have to get them a complete wardrobe every season. There have been some pajamas and dresses that I have been able to keep from last spring/summer, and maybe a couple of t-shirts, but that’s about it. It’s awesome to have family to pass down clothes and who want to pick up things for her now and then, that really helps!

What also helps is not forgetting to do her laundry so I don’t have to resort to the it’s kind of ugly/doesn’t quite fit/it’s a little stained/or really old fashioned kind of clothes that you keep for them to play in, but if you run out of stuff you send them off in it and feel like the mom everyone is talking about at preschool.

So, it is late, and I have to take her to the eye dr. in the morning (and work, of course) so I’ll end this without much of an ending, except, good night!


2 Responses to "Following up on shopping and such…"

Natalie always looks nice when i see her… so you are so NOT the mom everyone is talking about behind her back.

Haha, okay thanks for the reassurance 🙂

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