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Here’s your sign

Posted on: February 21, 2009

Yesterday I sat down on a bench right in front of the library and saw a plaque that said “Bench use limited to 20 minutes. City code 11-20”. I looked around and it was on every bench in that area. I later told Alicia I guess you could just bench hop over and over throughout the day.

So, I took a picture on my camera phone and sent it in a text to people I thought would find it funny. Alicia called me later and said that in another library in the same county there are signs on every table telling people “Do not lay your head down, Do not go to sleep, Do not come in here if you have offending body odor, Do not follow people around staring at them in an intimidating manner.” Wow.

So then, I thought of another nearby library I’ve been in where there was a sign in the bathroom that said “No changing clothes or bathing in the bathroom”.

These are not even in areas where I expect there is a major homeless problem, but apparently something or someone warranted the making of such specific signs. I just keep wondering why was someone following someone around in a library staring at them in an intimidating manner? That makes me laugh everytime I think about it because it sounds like something someone would do on a Punk’d kind of hidden camera show. I mean, I’m sure it was creepy to whomever it was happening to, but it makes me laugh. And it makes me laugh that there is a city code regarding how long you can sit on a bench, like they are a hot commodity and everyone needs a chance (no one’s ever sitting on them, btw). I mean, couldn’t you just sit right beside the bench all day if you wanted to? There’s not plaque on the ground…


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Hey Becca. I’ve been offline for a while. Not really been around. Sorry 😦 You’ve got so much good stuff here. I’ve got it all saved now and I’ll be reading fervently until I’ve absorbed it all. Hope all is well for you. Sounds like you’ve gotten more amusement than drama lately. That’s something everyone appreciates. πŸ™‚ Take care and keep writing. πŸ˜‰

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