My tongue is in my hand…

What if it all just comes down to you and me?

Posted on: February 11, 2009

When everything else was in my head, I heard that-I heard, what if it’s not about all of that, about failure and success, about right and wrong, and ability and screw ups? Why in the world would you need to do it all on your own? What good would that be for us?  Why would we commune? How would you see me moving, shining, in your life, if it’s all taken care of? What if it’s not about anything but you and me?

And then,

I heard: Watch me take care of you. Let me shine through your inadequacies. Let me fill the gaps. Let me do the things you can’t. Let me carry you. Let me work miracles. Let me cover you. Let me guide you. Let me be Father. Let me provide. Let me comfort you. Let me lift you. Let me hold you. Let me be the most important. Let me do the work. Let me act on love. Take my love, my active love. I love you. Let go. Let it be. Let me.

I said: Thank you. I love you too. So much. I need you, desperately. So much. I don’t want to be worried, I don’t want to be scared, or stuck. I want to feel peace and safe and have you move through me, give me strength, be my stronghold, my light, my love, my everything. Please cover me. Please take care of me. Please help me remember right now, it’s just you and me, This is about you and me, not my other responsibilities. Help me please. I need you. I love you. Thank you. I’m letting go.


3 Responses to "What if it all just comes down to you and me?"

Very inspiring post.

Whew… I’m still so vague on the orogins of all this. There is very little posted here now that isn’t aftermath.

What is that story Becca?

sometimes, despite how painful it seems at the moment, change is best.

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