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Just the blessings

Posted on: January 4, 2009

Natalie had a great birthday party. We made pink layer cake with sprinkles and colored marshmallows (using eggs from Cody’s chickens). We decorated with colored “Happy Birthday” balloons and pink and yellow streamers. I sat out the tents and tunnels, aqua doodles, beach balls, and the sit and spin to hopefully prevent everything from being pulled out of Natalie’s room. We had birthday cake ice cream, colored goldfish, pretzels, apple slices, and cherry cordial hershey kisses. Juice boxes for the kids. Treat bags with playdough, hershey kisses and little pink snack cakes. Noise makers, party hats. Pink table cloth.

I bought Natalie a keyboard and harmonica. She’s shown a lot of interest in instruments here and at my moms, so I thought she’s enjoy having her own. I almost got her a percussion pack, but decided on this. She sat down with the keyboard for a while while all the other kids played and just sang to the pre programmed songs and played a little. I don’t care if she pursues music in any way, I just want to support her interests and as she grows help her translate those things into positive aspects of her life, one way or the other. After everyone left, I showed her how to use the harmonica.

She had her cousins and two other little girls over, some of Jason’s friend’s children. She knew them from preschool as well. She had a kind of hard time sharing at times, but overall seemed to have a blast.

I had fun making a big deal out of the whole day. We should do that more, make big deals out of days, make them events.

I think, I’ve seen, the less people have, or have had, the more they do with their days, the more effort they make with any little reason to make a day an event. I knew this girl, the daughter of someone I was working with, who had a calender she made and in each day she had written with marker something about that day (hung out with BFF, went on date, had a big fight, had to work, had the best day, watched this movie, etc) She decorated the calender. She was basically living in poverty and homeless, but if you looked at that calender, she was living. I could look at this past year as a financial clusterfuck. I could curse a million things. Or I could see things from this place with the truth it offers, with the honest reality that it affords (because it can afford nothing else).

My mantra lately has been: “Just the blessings, just the blessings”, meaning when I am freaking out I will look at just the blessings, nothing else. Nothing else.


1 Response to "Just the blessings"

You are doing something right. Sooo right. The second paragraph nailed it.

What they chase when they’re that age probably isn’t what they’re going to chase when they’re 30. The important thing is that they’re allowed to explore. That assures that when they are really, truly chasing they know how. And they’ve got the foundation of the truth that it doesn’t matter what it is, everything is reachable.

You do this well, Becca. (thumbs up) You do this very well.

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