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A blessings list: this is only a portion

Posted on: December 24, 2008

I think, when identifying blessings, we shouldn’t tack on any “ifs, ands, buts  or even thoughs”. Just the blessing, not the rest. The rest is a different kind of list.

-a warm home

-a caring family

-a healthy child

-a husband who works, doesn’t abuse drugs, alcohol or others, and who loves his daughter

-a job

-a promotion to salaried position at said job

-a job I would do aspects of for free if I didn’t need to work

-a job I feel benefits others and betters me as a person

-a job with flexible hours

-friends going back as far as kindergarten and as recent as the ladies in book club

-book club

-financial provision; no matter how many times we have got to less than 10 dollars in the bank, we have made it, there is always provision

-my grandmother’s journals

-my family legacies

-food in my home

-clothes that fit and are clean and fairly current

-childcare I trust and can afford


-coffee houses

-the people I’ve met at caribou

-my daughter picking out presents for family members and helping wrap them

-my daughter saying thank you emphatically when given a gift or surprise

-my daughter telling me things like “Jesus is still a baby, I’m going to play with him”

-internet access in my home

-cell phone

-satellite tv (not so much having it, but the actual luxury of having it)

-the mint melon sugar body scrub I just found in my cabinet

-classical music

-beautiful expanses of sky

-our christmas tree

-apple cider

-christmas candles

-gingerbread cookies

-homemade chocolate truffles

-my soft warm bed with it’s pretty comforter

-my car

-my husband’s truck

-that we could buy gifts to share in celebration and appreciation with the ones we love


-digital camera

-photo storage online

-online social networks allowing connection to people I may not otherwise have connection with





-my name is earl, will and grace,  and the office – they always make me laugh




-shoes that fit and look nice

-coats, socks, underwear, scarves

-cheap gas

-people who send christmas cards

-family close by

-my sister

-the ability to see colors and people and everything else, to taste food and drink, to smell, to feel things, to walk, to talk, to sing, to laugh, to hear

-working appliances

-health insurance

-running water, heated, drinkable

-good memories


-a neighborhood I feel safe in


-the promise of big love from a big God


-days off with pay to celebrate the holiday

-writing, reading

-time alone

-hot showers

-lotion -japanese cherry blossom






-the opportunities I’ve had (and taken) for education

-people who reach out, people who accept being reached out to, and being on both ends

-my parents

-all the pets I’ve had

-the opportunity to share

-the ability to learn




-italian food


-broccoli and corn on the cob

-trips i’ve gone on

-hope; and all it implies and opens up for me


-the movement, power, whisper, and calm of the Holy Spirit


-the use of my fingers to type and write with

-honest interactions


1 Response to "A blessings list: this is only a portion"

This is beautiful. Made my christmas internet troll… 🙂 Thanks again and have a merry christmas!

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