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God is big

Posted on: December 23, 2008

So much of our life is about perception. How we perceive someone affects our interactions and our expectations. How we perceive someone changes them and their possibilities and places in our lives. I believe it is mostly the same with God. How we perceive God matters in how we talk to (or don’t talk to) God.

I believe God is the same, always. An unchanged being. Complete in all ways.

When God is small, when God is punishing, when God is vengeful, when God is abandoning, when God is limited, when God is no longer magnificent and loving and graceful and magical and majestic and caring and powerful and a worker of miracles, it is because we have perceived God as such. It doesn’t mean any of those things are God, it just means that is what we have decided God is, and so, for us, that’s what God is.

When God is timeless and present and kind and understanding, it is because we believe God is so. When God is magnificent and loving and graceful and magical and majestic and caring and powerful and the worker of miracles, it is because we allow God to be these things in our lives, because we perceive God to be these things and with this perception, we bust the doors of our souls wide open and anything is possible.

I believe God is God without us, with out our perceptions. I do not believe that if God spoke in a forest and no one was around to hear it, God didn’t make a sound. If you see what I’m getting at with that. I believe though God transcends our humanity, God is not beyond our humanity. Or more so, that our humanity can be transformed so that we have a connectedness with God, so that we share and commune with God, in belief, and love.

And it all comes down to belief and love (I really think it always does). What are we willing to believe, and in belief, what will we allow God to be in our lives, in our selves?

God with us, in us, for us? God as companion, God as love, God as compassion, God as service, God as an artist, God as in control, God as beauty, God as powerful, God as present, God as supernatural?

or God as disciplinarian, God as puppeteer, God as a judge, God as a scorekeeper, God as ego, God as cold, God as distant, God as cruel, God in a box, God as someone who, for no good reason, rejects prayers?

Be careful little self what you perceive, what you perceive, is what God will be. If you put God in a box, then in your life, God will be in a box. That doesn’t change God, God will be moving all around you, but you, having put God in a box, won’t know it’s God.

I truly believe we find what we seek, not we we demand, not what we wish, but what we seek, actively seek. Knees on the ground, hands in the dirt seek. It’s a conversation with God, seeking. In conversations, we often find things we wouldn’t find on our own. Conversations take time, take willingness to speak and listen.

I believe when you see God as the fullness that God is, you begin to see God everywhere. You begin to see beauty in places and people you haven’t before, you begin to see the movement of the holy spirit all around. You begin to see, because you are looking. It’s an old concept, but God is the same, and it always requires the same to see God as it always has: look.

If you haven’t seen God lately, haven’t heard God, or felt God, and you thought you were looking, maybe there’s something to let go of. God is not going to be found in a box. If you try to set parameters for God to fit into, God is probably standing right outside the line shaking his head and waving at you like “I’m right here, right outside the box, come on, I’ve been wanting to hang out with you!”

I’m so grateful that God Is, regardless of where I am in the forest to hear God or not. Because sometimes, my perception is off, sometimes instead of letting God be the artist of my life and shape the pottery, or spin the loom, or arrange the mural, or piece the quilt, I run off with my lump of clay, and my spools of thread, and my shards of glass, and my cups of paint, and my scraps of cloth all in a messy, painful bunch. And I find a little place to sit and look at the materials that I have no design for, and I try so hard to make something work, make something manage, make something presentable, until I can’t, I give up, I declare it all a waste, a ruin. And I throw it back at God, or leave it there and run, or bundle it up and lay it at Gods feet (all depending upon my demeanor at the given time).

I’m so glad I believe, I percieve, my God as an artist, with an ultimate design. Sculpt me, weave me, tint me, move me, peice me. I am heart and soul open wide. God is big.

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I’m going to have to read this one again. I’ve got it saved and I’ll come back to it, (can’t spend a lot of time online lately) But I’ll comment again when I’ve got it digested. 🙂 Thanks again Becca.

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