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my daughter

Posted on: December 18, 2008

– named her toy frog “Freddy Boosy”

– randomly started singing “that’s what you get when you let your heart win woah-aoh” (paramore)

-other current favorite songs include: love story by taylor swift, womanizer by britney spears, already gone by sugarland, little things by colbie calliat, whatever you like by t.i., this is my jam by flo rida, i wanna make love right now now now (i’m sure that whole thing’s not the title)  by akon (yea, we totally need to censor her music more, since she’s singing all the words)

i’ve noticed she likes upbeat ballads sung by female artists, anything  repetitive, and anything someone else she likes says they like.

-said “Oh Thank You!” when I showed her her presents under the tree and then asked if she could look at it and wrap it again (where does she get this? she’s a toddler!) and then proceeded to one day open one of them and calmly sit in her Dora chair reading Dr. Seuss as I was getting ready for work.

-has stated that she likes to be shy with her friends

-is not at all afraid of Santa

-wrote a (fill in the blank) letter to Santa at preschool where she stated that she was going to leave him a sandwich in the bathroom

-says she wants everything she sees on tv for christmas including a star wars video game and herbal essences shampoo

-painted her nails purple tonight (totally unbeknownst to me) and managed not to get any on the carpet (thank you)

-was a cow carrying a pink blanket in the Christmas play

-talks about her cousins ALL THE TIME

-recognizes emotions in others a lot,especially on tv or movies; while watching Muppet Christmas tonight, she kept saying “oh he’s sad”, or “they’re scared”, or “they like to be silly” and will ask you if you’re happy if she thinks you’re mad and will then want to see your happy face if you say you’re happy

-was excited about rearranging her room, so much so that we couldn’t back out of it after we decided we were too tired

-helped me wrap presents this year by adding extra tape and stickers as well as by spilling 1/2 a bottle of reel magic on herself, and rolling herself up in wrapping paper stating she was my present

-gets excited every morning about opening the day’s window and reading the scripture in the the advent calender i have from when i was little and the one i bought at the grocery store that has a little piece of chocolate for each day.

-calls anything before this day yesterday

-always asks for “something else” even if she actually wants what you offered

-has said “what you say?” so much that now I can’t say “what’d you say?” without feeling like i’m imitating her

-likes to go to book club with me

-randomly asks me about my friends “hey, where alicia live?” “where you’re friend megan?” “what carol dog name?”

-asks me when i get home from school at night if i had fun with my friends at school and if i played and ate lunch, because that’s what i ask her

-stays up way too late because i let her so i can not feel like i have no time with her and like someone else is raising her more than me

-wakes up much earlier than i’d prefer

-loves the songs on sid the science kid, and some actual kid songs like working on the railroad and old macdonald

-puts on makeup with me sometimes when i’m getting ready

-destroys something sometimes when i’m getting ready

-actually just plays or watches tv other times when i’m getting ready (getting ready is tricky with a toddler, is that obvious yet?)


4 Responses to "my daughter"

I… am absolutely overcome with curiosity about your life now. I’ve read your poetry, I clicked over to the about page and stained glass journals and you said you had other things here, too, so I clicked here and started reading and… You have a beautiful way with words. Poetry or otherwise you impress you vision of life so well that I’m… completely addicted to it and when I get up from reading your work I am lighter, I am happier, I smile without reason…

I’m immensely inspired and purely addicted. ^_^ Thank you again.

I’ve got to say, I’m fairly curious about your life as well…

Thank you for sharing such lovely family moments. What a wonderful gift to give to the world. Your daughter, wrapping herself up as your Christmas present? Priceless.

Merry Christmas both of you and Freddy Boosy too.

haha, thank you!! Merry Christmas to you too!

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