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Tricks of the trade

Posted on: October 11, 2008

I told my supervisor today to tell me that my notes are due by the end of day thursday instead of 12pm friday because I only get them in by deadline about 30% of the time (but usually before 3).  I think it will work.  I am telling myself over and over that they are due by end of day thursday and I have to carve out a chunk of time that day to do them instead of fridays, or the ridiculous late thursday nights which suck and don’t work because for some reason I am not near as motivated with work as I was with high school.  I guess I really loved the grades and what I thought the honors meant for the future, the recognition.  The reward for work is not getting fired, and getting paid, which is good, but just doesn’t hit the spot the same somehow. silly.

When I used to have a lot of school work to do (that I’d no doubt put off) I developed some tricks to stay awake.  One was being cold, the other was not going to the bathroom (because you can’t fall asleep if you have to pee) and the other was covering the clock so I didn’t know what time it was and couldn’t sike myself out about how little sleep I was going to get. It worked pretty well, I’d just pretend I went to bed at 12 and got a good 6 1/2 hours (which was normal)

Sooooo…now I have to give myself a new deadline for my paper for school…or something.  I’m pretty sure the rambling I did for 3 hours right before class for the midterm paper will be deemed as underdeveloped at best.  Oh well, at least I did it and got it in on time. Plus, it was opinion based, and I did use references from the text, so, at worst, a C.  I’ll live.

True fact:  The first time I remember procrastinating was for a big project in 5th grade where you had to use geometric shapes to create some 3-D thing.  I made a farm with blocks.  And got an A.  And got an A on like everything I ever turned in late.  It was like reward for putting it off and then spending one good night invested night in it. This easy A for procrastination lasted till mid-late high school. By then I managed to stop waiting till the very last minute to start.  But you can bet I took till the last minute to finish.  There were just no consequences.  College, things suffered a bit for lack of effort (still came out with a 3.25) but again, like work, I didn’t feel that motivated to rise above.

*sigh* I know I have mountains of capabilites, life just gets in the way.  I guess in high school, that was life, besides youth group. Now I’m split up into so many different peices, everything doesn’t even get a half-assed effort.  It’s more like a eighth-assed effort (if that).  How do people manage any different?  Or do they?


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We don’t.

Good. That’s comforting

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