My tongue is in my hand…

This weekend

Posted on: October 6, 2008

* I realized I have a prejudice against men who wear khaki shorts that come above their knees with tucked in pastel polo shirts.

* I remembered how much I love moss. Especially on a rock by a creek. It’s so soft.

* Thought about how much goes into making a fireworks show and watched one laying in a field.

* Ate hot dogs 3 days in a row.

* Read 1/2 a Harlequin novel.

* Internally revisited a conversation with a friend regarding the arts and athletics while at a NFL game.

* Watched an Elvis impersonator.

* Rode a merry go round


2 Responses to "This weekend"

I used to live in a sun room when I was a kid. The folks had no other place to put me as I didn’t want to be in the same room as my sisters. It wasn’t bad. It had a big window which was bright and sunny during the warm weather, and a bit cold with a nice panorama of the ragged grey sky when it became cold. I liked it that way. I would lay in pool of sunlight and read or draw. I dreamed. I devised a plan that involved importing piles of dirt and installing upon them large swaths of moss. I would rest my cheek on the cool, earthy chenille of the mosses and watch the ladybugs frolic on the sporophytes.

That didn’t go past my parents and I had to settle for tucking away the place in my imagiNation with brilliant, sun-drenched clarity. I feel the memory of the thought like the cool mist of a distant waterfall after a long hike. Like the cool mossy earth on my cheek.

The sun room sounds like an awesome room.

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