My tongue is in my hand…


Posted on: September 26, 2008

I don’t think it’s so much that dark things like sadness and anger and lonliness and desperate need creep into us when we are weak or unaware as it is that they are always there, along with the the colorful things: joy, love, hope, peace, fulfillment.

Like all these things are woven parts of us and it’s just up to us as to how we will weave the tapestries of our lives.  Up to us as to what we will do with those dark things.  They can accent or they can overpower.  They can make our bright things brighter or they can overshadow them.  They can be part of the design or they can mar it; all depending on how we choose to thread them.

So first, it’s accepting them as part of the package.  They are and that is it, there are not extinguishable so much as they are malleable when we decide they will be so and make them so.


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