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Two things

Posted on: September 25, 2008

-Is resistance to change just innate?  The moment we realize that it’s happening, we tighten up, begin voicing objections, even when it’s something we’ve asked for, tried to get.  Is it fear of the unknown, even the sought after unknown?  Because even when we don’t want to be where we are, we are where we are and we adjust ourselves to it, just so we can function.  So when something comes along to change that, our instinct seems to be to rally against it initially.  Just because.

-I look out and know like I knew from the begining. I know it may be years from now, I know it’s not ready yet, but there is more and I see it and I just know; I know, I know, I know it will be.  And it will be really great. And it will be worth this meantime.  And that’s why I am right here, as I am and have always been.


2 Responses to "Two things"

I see that in myself. If you see yourself offering resistance to an experience, you are are afraid. If you find yourself offended at something a person says to you, it means you find a grain of truth in what is being said.

I would love to let go everything. My ropes to reality, my discrete bands of meaning… just whitewash it all, strip meaning from what is happening. But (there’s always one of these, huh?) it feels like the road to madness, doesn’t belong in the contemporary society we all strive to include ourselves.

But I can’t help but feel that within madness there is true freedom, unchained by fleshly prejudice.

“within madness there is true freedom”

I have thought very similar thoughts.

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