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Dreams and fears (or Fears and dreams)

Posted on: September 9, 2008

I was going through old papers this weekend and found one that had a list of dreams I had for my life.  One of them was to “find a way to consistently be part of helping others/improving lives/making an impact and difference”.  In the words of the oh-so-wise Pussycat Dolls “Be careful what you wish for cuz you just might get it (you just might get it, yea you just might get it)”.

I also found a list of fears.  The lists were made at different times. The list of dreams has 14 items.  The list of fears has 42.  I starred this one on the list of fears: *not being perfect*.  Hmm.


7 Responses to "Dreams and fears (or Fears and dreams)"

Fears are the stepping stones on which you walk towards your Dreams.

Perfection has a bad rap. A case of mis-labeling. A perfect square is a square with all of its lengths exactly the same. A perfect person is an imaginary construct… the social definitions of perfect are too myriad to reach a consensus.

What many don’t realize perfection isn’t perfect, and it is perfect just because of this. Everything is perfect in its happening, all the pains perfect, all the joys perfects, all the murders perfect, all the births perfect, all perfects perfect in their perfecting perfection. Perfect because it is supposed to be happening, and perfect because it is happening.

If Man is a webwork of experience, like neurons in a single brain, is it not right, perfect, that He gets to experience all the permutations possible in the Human Condition? It’s perfectly good, no matter how rank the situation is…it’s supposed to be happening. The script is writ and it is in play.

yes, thank you. striving to be perfect as a person in striving to be everyone’s version of perfect that you encounter and is completely and ridiculously impossible. i actually quoted part of your response in a commentary i did with a poem on my myspace. don’t know if you’ll read this response, but it’s good to get your feedback.

I don’t mind. I’m of the opinion that all things should be open source, as long as the sources are given credit. I’m glad you found it at least insightful. Most days I feel like I’m talking out of my arse 😀

I read your poem, which was nicely done, by the way. I wanted to make clear that by credit given I meant some remark, as you did make, that clearly states that this piece of work belongs to some other individual; names do not need to be named. I wanted to say this because in the past I’ve said something that maybe I did not say clearly in the first place, causing persons to unnecessarily change their comments; I like how you did your entry, and there is no need to change anything if you should happen to feel you needed to accommodate what I said in the previous post. 🙂 It’s all good.

As for the current cultural obsession with appearances, it’s because of cameras. Without cameras people wouldn’t care much, but with cameras and the internet the self is spread out in ways never possible before. Pieces of your life tingle through the network, faceless and full of faces familiar and otherwise, into the homes of strangers and friends. It’s become an exhibition game. I have asked myself why I bother putting up my pictures in networking websites and putting up my stories on the internet… what do I stand to get out of it? I am still trying to dig through my intent for living such a spread out life.

what is your name, by the way?

I have thought a lot about the different motives for using social networking sites and posting writing and such too. I think it can be done in a way that is healthy or unhealthy, depending on motives.

I have gone back and forth with putting writing out there, but I decided that i like thinking there is some audience, or the possibility of an audience. i’ve always imagined i was writing something someone would read one day, even if it was after i was dead. Also, I feel less like i’m imposing my writing on someone because yes, it is there, but it’s a complete choice to read it and/or comment and when someone does, sometimes a nice conversation comes about or a different viewpoint…

It’s Samuel, but I usually go by Sam.

Aptly put. Having a blog is like engaging in an interactive stage play of sorts. I used to be the administrator of an online forum, and I was very lax in my enforcement of the off-topic rule. Usually some individuals become very offended if the subject matter they discuss veer off in a wholly different direction (this would make sense for particular forums that aim for a service of a kind), but the permutations that allow for much interesting conversation are found in the most random, unexpected moments.

It’s better to write for someone. Although I know that I write for myself, but I find it easier, more enjoyable if you know there’s someone who’s itching to see the next thing that spills out of your brain.

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