My tongue is in my hand…


Posted on: August 24, 2008

Great. My dreams last night, long involved things. W.G., S.X., M.C.B., church, R.B., Germany, mom, toys, Natalie, and T.T.?

I am just so hungry. Maybe school will help. I don’t know how to satisfy the hunger and maintain what already is because that is hard enough to maintain. Half the time, I don’t even know how to do that. And it makes me so tired. But I want to feel and live the rest. And what else can I say without it sounding exactly how I know it’d sound?

2 Responses to "hungry"

Sometimes, no matter what you do, it won’t go away. You might go through life feeling unfulfilled, like you’ve just eaten empty calories, and empty calories is the substance of the world these days, pretty yet not so nourishing for the soul.

yes, empty calories are everywhere and i guess hunger keeps us moving towards substance.

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