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everything is mirrors

Posted on: August 4, 2008

when it all falls down, when it’s all lost, i don’t know that there is such a thing as recovery…how can you recover the destroyed and lost?  i think you can just regroup, rebuild, renew, reinvent, remember, redesign, recharge, recycle. recover fragments to use for these things, but recover as in get it back to the way it was? can’t. just can’t.  like volcanoes and tornadoes, floods and hurricanes; droughts, blizzards.  landscape changes and though with time it may appear the same, it’s not. river in a different route, that kind of thing. same with people. that’s why we should pay attention.  everything is mirrors.

1 Response to "everything is mirrors"

I don’t think recovery is a too bad of a description. Re cover. A canvas is often reused, until the very uppermost image conceals a strata. Truth is nothing’s as linear as one would like to think; It’s a cut up world, the reality a la burroughs, and everything is a shade of perception’s miscegenations.

Life’s too short, and we’re too self-centered to reallly pay attention. ‘Cept for those who sit, and just sit those long hours away, as if they were living tree time where months are the tick of seconds.

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