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If Natalie had an iPod

Posted on: July 27, 2008

If Natalie had an iPod, her playlist would look something like this:

*’s indicate she knows the whole song by heart

Disclaimer: I am not the only person she listens to music with, so this does not necessarily directly or accurately portray my personal tastes, although it is varied in genre, which is actually very similar to me…hmm

Our Song*

Picture to Burn*

Should’ve Said No -Taylor Swift

One Fine Wire* (which she calls the “walking song”)



Feelings Show – Colbie Calliat

Won’t Back Down

Free Fallin –Tom Petty

New Soul* – Yael Naim

Fake It (Radio edit) – Seether

Killa – Cherish

Way You Are – Timbaland (which she calls the “chicken song” because the part “like you just the way you are” apparently sounds like “chicken” to her and it took me forever to find out what she was talking about until one time I was channel surfing and she yelled “The chicken song! That’s what I’m talking bout!” )

I Wanna Go Home – Blake Shelton

Like This – Mims

See You Again – Miley Cyrus

All The Same – Sick Puppies

You – Britt Nicole

Clumsy – Fergie

Nothing You Are- Mandy Moore

Nothin Better to Do – LeeAnn Rimes

Last Name – Carrie Underwood

Angels Watchin Over Me* ( her bedtime song)

Twinkle Little Star*


London Bridge*

It’s Raining It’s Pouring*


1 Response to "If Natalie had an iPod"

Fake It- guilty
Like This- guilty
See You Again- DEF guilty..i looked on my itunes the other day and i have played this song over 20 times!! so i’ll take full responsiblity for that one 🙂

Love ya, Rae Rae

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