My tongue is in my hand…

A house divided

Posted on: July 13, 2008

When there’s a split, what’s better, to be the one staying or the one leaving?

If you stay you have to sit with the ghosts that wander the halls and seats. But you get to keep some familiarity of place. And maybe, with time those ghosts will be replaced and the sadness will be a weak undercurrent to a tidal wave of joy and you will be able to say you stood through it all.

If you leave, you have the opportunity to start fresh and it’s much easier to navigate through halls uncluttered, to build something completely new, reinvented. But you will sometimes miss that home, that place that knew you for so long. Because those halls are cluttered, but it’s not all bad. Sometimes the blankness of a new canvas is blinding, or sad. But in the end, you can look back and think of starting from scratch and all it took and all it means to have created something new.


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