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Please, please, please

Posted on: July 11, 2008

Sometimes, I look at Natalie and I start to think about all the things I hope to teach her and I’ll start freaking out because I’ll realize there are so many things I want to teach her that I don’t know or know how to do and then I just start to think that my daughter is going to be screwed up because of me and my shortcomings and on and on I go with these worries. And then to think about all the life things that I want to prepare her for or protect her from or at least help her deal with the best way possible and I don’t know if I will know how or if I will even know when they happen to her and then I worry about what our relationship with be like as she gets older and I worry and worry and worry.

The other day I started the long monologue/prayer in my head and something stopped me and said “faith”. Lord, please, let me teach my daughter faith. Faith and unconditional love. Because if she can see through me what it is to be loved constantly and consistently with no limitations or conditions, she will feel safe and cherished and she will know what it is to be loved and encompassed by God. And if she sees me lay down my worries in faith and trust and hope and belief then she can see that she can lay hers down too. And that will carry her through. And this will enable her to love others, to share hope with others. To be loved and taken care of. To share love and take care of others. To understand and value the spiritual over the material.

Please, please, please let me teach my daughter this.


2 Responses to "Please, please, please"

It’s a beautiful prayer and I hope it is answered.

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That is the best thing I have read in a long time. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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