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1st shift, 2nd shift

Posted on: January 31, 2008


7:30am: Woke up too late to get a shower, dressed and heard Natalie, headed to her room. I love the first sight of her in the morning, flushed cheeks, hair all over the place, sweet little face. She tried to eat cookies for breakfast, but was persuaded to Apple Jacks.

8:25ish She was ready, her ride was a little late, but really, I am late so often I have no room at all to complain. I finish getting ready, although there is a ridiculous kink in the back of my hair, from the front it looks decent, good enough, I reason. In my job, even when I’m slightly disheveled I still seem more put together than most of the people I’m around.

8:45am For breakfast/lunch I grab a few things including the box of tomato basil wheat thins. I think it says something about your day if it starts with no shower and grabbing a whole box of crackers.

9:00am At DSS to support someone applying for medicaid and food stamps. Go over with them what to do that day: they just lost their job and are getting ready to be evicted, so some things included calling unemployment, voc rehab, and job hunting.

11:30am Get insurance information filled out at the office to enroll self and Natalie. Made some contacts regarding bills and money. Talked to Jason, nothing yet on when unemployment $ is coming or on a job lead. Attempted some paperwork at the office, but distracted myself too much with music. Mapquested the house I needed to be at to meet a new individual.

1:30pm Made my way to the bank and the individuals’ house (after driving past the road I needed to turn down twice). This one will be challenging, a child, need a lot of activities prepared. I’m not super great at preparation. I’m not even super or great at it. Didn’t the box of wheat thins serving as breakfast key you in to that? Anyways, I need the hours desperately and it is always good to learn how to work with new people. And, as always, the back story is heart breaking. When I meet someone new, sometimes I am instantly excited to help, but sometimes there is an inward eyeroll (accompanied with an internal: greeeaaaaattttt, this is going to be hard and I have no clue what I’m doing……..) It’s the story that always gets me. And, of course, it’s my job.

3:30pm After that, make my way to an individual who has cancelled on me several time lately and claims sickness via voicemail. I pretend I didn’t get the voicemail. I would like to validate this (and stay on the clock). Appears to truly be sick, on to another house, no answer, even though the car is in the driveway (kind of annoyed, but may be sleeping, she is pregnant…) So, I have a little time before my usual end to the day and I decide that going straight home is not a good idea. I did this yesterday after a full day and was according to my husband “stressed out and in a bad mood”. The explanation that I had not had any time to unwind yet apparently did not excuse me. So, probably the best thing to do if possible is to unwind before coming home.

4:30pm I stop in Dunkin Donuts because I can get a small cappuccino for $2.44 and figure that my sanity is worth it. Actually have a chance to just sit and be, write down all the thoughts I’ve had that day and rewrite for myself a conversation I had that I wish had gone better. I drive myself crazy going over them in my head, so I write out how I would do it next time or how I would improve it and this helps a lot. Okay, I think I will survive the 2nd shift as they are calling it now.

5:15pm Stop by the store for bread and bacon, a totinos pizza because my home-all-day-for-now-husband is bound to want something like that midday, and a newspaper (I actually said I was going to do this yesterday, forgot, was going to get one in DD, forgot and only picked this one up because it was already laying by the conveyor belt in the checkout line).

5:45pm Pick up Nat, get home and Natalie wants to be in the garage with Daddy, so we do that for a while, convince her to stop playing with the toys that I need to give away and come inside. I make macaroni and cheese (as always) and try to start on supper- which is actually breakfast food. There is a flurry of whining, food throwing, time out, crying, screaming, a trip by dad to maw maws to get the toy doctor set, and some cuddling, before Natalie is in her room in her Dora chair with her blanket and juice watching Barney and Jason and I are sitting down to eat.

7:00pm Natalie makes her way in, wants Daddy to play, Daddy bribes her with drinking coke from her pirate cup with a straw so he can finish eating.

7:15ish Another flurry ensues of trying to get on the computer, ending up at elmos world, Natalie on my lap while I talk to Alicia about the weekend and book club, cleaning up the kitchen, going through all the toys Nat wants to put in the bath but can’t, taking out the plush, battery filled toy that she threw in anyways, getting her little body into the bath (which she 2 minutes into screams and decides she does not want to take), playing doctor, reading stories, and singing songs.

8:52 pm We revel in the small success of Natalie being in bed eight minutes before nine. Okay, nothing on t.v. Jason, tired of mythbusters, states while I flip through the paper. We decide watching people fall and have pranks pulled on them via You Tube will be entertaining (and it very much is). So, then decide to download some songs on itunes and get started only to find that one of my 25$ gift cards will not work. Sucks. Start to make a CD anyway with what I did download and some things we already have.

11:30pm Jason comes in and tells me that the washer is leaking badly (it was leaking before and we kind of mopped it up and said maybe it was just a fluke).

12:00am I am tilting the washer while Jason works on it, taking hershey kisses breaks everytime he goes back out to the garage.

12:45am we believe it is fixed (he is extremely proud as he also fixed his truck that day).

1:00am I finish making the CD and then make one for Natalie of Colbie Calliat because she LOVES “Bubbly”, or as she calls it “the bubble song” , I add “Clumsy” and “Apologize” because she dances and/or sings along with those too. It is called: The Nat Nat Mix.

1:30am In bed, watching George Lopez, I set my alarm for 5:30 am because I want to have those early morning hours with the sunrise to myself and I am wanting to test a theory I have about sleep deprivation. I also set my alarm for 7:15 because I doubt my ability to wake up at 5:30.

(Just so you know, I did not wake up at 5:30, I did not even hear that alarm.)


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