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Sweet spot

Posted on: January 26, 2008

Is everyone an addict? I think about this a lot.

Does everyone have something (or multiple things) that gets them high? How much are people substituting their true high, and why? Do people realize they have a sweet spot, a place they can get to and just glide…Does everyone have a sweet spot?

What is the best high? Is there a high from which you don’t crash? (I doubt it.) So, what about the crashing? Is that part of the whole experience? Are people who seek their highs and achieve them, knowing they will crash, admirable or masochistic (or something else)? Does it depend on the high they are chasing? What is the best way to utilize the crash?

Aren’t some highs easier, more socially accepted, cheaper, less destructive than others? If yes, and I say yes, why do some people choose highs that are more destructive, expensive, difficult, less socially acceptable? What high costs the least? Do all highs cost something? (I say yes) What highs are worth their cost, what highs are not? If you can regularly achieve your high, does it take over, or is it possible to balance it and integrate it into daily, functional life? If so, (and I hope so) why can some people manage this, and some people not? Does it depend on the high?

I would like to think that everyone has the capability of achieving a constructive, productive, or at least, not destructive high. If this is true, how can people find this? What’s the best way to help someone break out of their substitute high and find their sweet spot? What’s the best way to maintain a sweet spot?

Is everyone an addict?


1 Response to "Sweet spot"

Everyone is an addict.

The best kind of highs are those that encourage self-improvement, self-enrichment. For one, I’ve just recently become acquainted with skill toys, which are just a bunch of balls sticks discs that one becomes skilled at manipulating. My current addiction is contact juggling. My friends have expressed their opinion of this particular hobby, and most of them aren’t too positive. What do I care? It makes me feel like I’m doing something productive, and I’m becoming more aware of my body’s limitations and capabilities.

Some highs give more than take, but most take. I think it’s the consumer mentality of this country that demands a person to spend on something that makes them feel good (it doesn’t matter if it’s illegal). A total rewrite of the social system, a deviation from consumerism to a more community oriented environment in which every person has a role, a duty to do, but still also has time left over to pursue personal goals. It’s a pipe dream, naturally, as are all forms of reform.

On an aside, off the point, funny this: My ‘tounge’ is literally (in a figurative sense) in my hand

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