My tongue is in my hand…


Posted on: January 19, 2008

as stated in the first post, i started this account so in hopes of reconnecting and staying in touch with a few old friends, but even in doing that i really kept feeling like i needed to validate having another online account :

myspace which is used mainly for keeping in touch with active friendships/family,

facebook which is used mainly for classmates,

and livejournal; one which is old and only my sister knows about and had no real posts until i transferred a bunch of poetry from myspace to there so i could find it on the computer, but no one else could,

and the other live journal in which i had planned to journal, but really just read the one friend (an old school mate)’s journals and comment…

so all that being said, I have been reading Stephen King’s “On Writing: memoir of the craft” and have been thinking more seriously about what I should be doing with my writing and writing capabilities. It is suggested that writers write everyday, and I use my personal handwritten journal for personal, handwritten kind of things, not daily writing. And I do not in any way need any more loose papers filled with scrawly, indecipherable writing floating around in boxes, bags, folders, and drawers, so that leaves typing. If I am going to sit down at the computer anyway, I may as well blog it instead of taking up memory in my computer on the word processor, plus I may feel more likely to do it if there is a chance someone will read it.

So, all that said, I will write daily on here, and hopefully still reconnect with those friends 🙂


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